EinsPastor Flor- Einstein V. Cabalteja (his friends call him Pastor Eins or Kuya Eins) was born in Manila, Philippines, July 12, 1969 from a Christian family. His father, the late Florentino Pascua Cabalteja (Pastor Cabalteja) was a pastor and evangelist of the Churches of Christ (Christian Churches) in the Philippines since late 50’s through 1991 and continued his ministry in Chicago, Illinois from 1991 until the Lord took him Home in 2006. Both Pastor Cabalteja his wife Frances Valentin-Cabalteja raised their seven children in the “way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6).

Pastor Eins (the 5th child of Pastor Cabalteja), who accepted Christ at a young age of 5 years, started in the Lord’s ministry at age 15 years, as a volunteer to teach a subject called “Values Education” in Far Eastern University (a big secular private university in Manila), in 1984 to 1985. There were 5 sections, 30-40 first year high school students per section once a week for 2 quarters of the same school year. He did the same in Pangarap High School (a public school) in 1990-1992. From all levels, he had more or less 600 students. A handful of those students have become leaders and workers in churches today, in the Philippines and other countries.

In 1982, Pastor Eins, assisted Pastor Cabalteja in youth revival rallies and evangelistic activities in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. These activities were instrumental in growing youth groups and churches both in the spirit and in number, within a span of 3 years. With Pastor Cabalteja as the lead pastor, the evangelistic team reached out to people in Banal St. and in Pangarap Village, both in Caloocan City.

In 1985, Pastor Eins became the Children’s Ministry Deparrtment Head and Youth Pastor of the Church of Christ in Pangarap Village. The youth in that area became active in evangelism, resulted in the birth of 5 small cell groups; 3 cell became 3 independent churches.

In 1986, Pastor Eins organized the campus ministry in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Santa Mesa, Manila. He reached out to all Christians in the university, distributed fliers, posted bills and visited local churches to inform them of the call to evangelize even on campus. As part of the Campus Ministry, he exhorted youth leaders from different churches to participate in campus ministry. He was the 1st president of The Christian Youth Fellowship – PUP Chapter, which became the home inside the university for Christians and non-Christians alike and an “anchor” of communication for all local churches in Metro Manila. Many students were came to Christ through that ministry and have become leaders of churches today.

In 1987, Pastor Cabalteja founded Gospel Outreach along with its musical arm, Gospel Tones – a contemporary musical christian band of 5 core members whose primary purpose was to evangelize and proclaim the good news of the Gospel through music. Pastor Eins became a member then as composer, arranger and musical scorer for the Gospel Tones. The team preached the Word and reached out to unbelievers and encouraged believers, in the Philippines and abroad, without royalty fees either by their local church or from hosting churches or organizations. The Gospel Tones simply did so for the love of music and their desire to please God. In August 2000, Gospel Tones was invited to perform and lead the praise and worship service at the World Convention of the Churches of Christ, Christian Churches, and Disciples of Christ Churches held in Brisbane, Australia. Yet, despite their gaining popularity, the Gospel Outreach and the Gospel Tones focused on their primary goal, which was to preach the gospel to those who many not have heard of it otherwise, simply by scarcity of resources, or their socioeconomic status. The Gospel Tones toured every summer to conduct musical evangelistic crusades, film showings and house-to-house evangelisms.

Pastor Eins then became the Senior Pastor of the Church of Christ in Pangarap Village in 1990, when his father was called by God to minister in Morgan Park Christian Church in Chicago, Illinois. Pastor Eins led the church building project in expanding the building itself 3 times its size, due to the growing number of Christian adult and children worshippers, averaging 50 adults and 60 children and youth weekly.

Pastor Eins married his wife Lorelie Cabalteja in 1992 and had three children, Reggae, Jazz and Tim. The whole family was actively involved in the local church children’s ministry, evangelism, music and worship ministries. His family was his biggest support in all his church indoor and outdoor activities.

It was 2006 when Pastor Eins came to Los Angeles, California. He then came to know Filipino Christian Church, in Filipino Historic Town, downtown Los Angeles. He volunteered and started the Food Distribution Ministry and registered the church with the Los Angeles Food Bank. He coordinated the Food Distribution Ministry which is part of the evangelistic drive of the church. The beneficiaries of this Ministry were and continue to be the homeless, poor families living around the church, and low income brethren who are attending the church. Many individuals and families who were not members of this church became actively involved in church- related community activities. After 2 years, Pastor Eins became the Associate/Assistant Pastor and Praise and Worship Team Director of this church. He led the Church’s Praise and Worship Team to enhance their skills and talents in Music by exposing them to worship symposium, lectures, workshops and concerts. As an assistant Pastor, he preached not less than once a month in Sunday Worship Services.

In September 2009, he accepted the call to be the Head Pastor of The Filipino Christian Church. With the help of the elders and members of the church he continued in serving the Lord through preaching, encouraging, reviving, and uplifting the church through various church activities such as prayer meetings, small group Bible studies, outdoor fellowships and evangelisms.

In July of 2014, the Lord called him to be the Youth and Assistant Pastor of San Jose Church of Christ (SJCC), in San Jose, Northern California, under the leadership of Pastor Arnel Alon.

When his contract with SJCC ended in June of 2017, he organized JoFlo Outreach International (JOI) Foundation. Together with his wife, Lorelie, his sister Florence and her husband Joel Roque, they all committed themselves to support the Lord’s ministry local and abroad through this foundation.

Currently, after over three decades of serving the Lord, Pastor Eins spends time in visiting churches in the Philippines at least once a year, reaching out to those who work in the “God’s vineyard”. His mission is to support more ministers, preachers, evangelists, church leaders who are in need.

Here in the US, he encourages everyone through this website and through this JOI Foundation’s Facebook Page (JoFlo Outreach Internation Foundation), to help and support the Lord’s work. As It is God’s desire, it is Pastor Eins’ desire to seek and save those who are lost (Luke 15).