Pangarap Church of Christ

Pangarap Church of Christ

c/o Ricardo Santiago – Pastor

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I am Pastor Ricardo  V. Santiago, 43 years old and grew up in a Christian family. I am the seventh child of Mr. Teodorico and Consuelo Santiago. As a child, I am an active attendee of Sunday School classes and was the drummer of the church’s music ministry in my teenage years. I also finished my vocational course (Refrigeration and Air-condition Technician).

I worked in the Philippines and a few countries over the years. I was a Laborer in Saudi Arabia for 2 years, a Salesman in Brunei Darussalam for 4 years and a Pest Control Technician for another 4 years in the same country. In 2011, I flew to Madagascar, South Africa where I was a Material Controller for 1 year. To date, I manage our own small business as a sub-dealer of electronic loading for a telecommunication company. I am happily married to Caroline O. Santiago for 22 years and blessed with 2 children, Lars who is 21 years old and Maureen who’s turning 14. Lars took up Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication and is already working as a Marketing Associate in an advertising company while Maureen is a Grade 9 student.

My wife, Caroline Santiago, is 43 years old and has been baptized for 13 years. She took up Computer Secretarial in college. She’s also the church secretary since 2006.

Church of Christ at Pangarap Village was established in 1985 through God’s work in Pastor Cabalteja and my mother, Consuelo Santiago’s life. To date, there are about 75+ active members of the church.

My mission is to flourish in the ministry that the Lord has started in me – to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit [Matthew 28:19] and to reach the lost and introduce God’s unconditional love unto them.

My vision is to help the church’s member and workers to grow in number and provide spiritual leadership to them.

What the funds are for and where will you use the funds or the support?

The funds are for the following causes:

  • Church transfer (we are being oppressed by a private company and is taking ownership of our lot)
  • Musical instruments for the music ministry and fund for our activities (Daily Vacation Bible School and conventions)

Any form of help we will get is deeply appreciated and will be used accordingly only for the causes stated above.

How will it affect your ministry?

The support we will receive will greatly impact the church in various aspects. If we were able to receive the fund, we can replace our old instruments which we have been using for about 20 years. We can also send a volunteer youth pastor to a Bible School. The support we will receive will help the church’s situation and will help to continue our existing activities.

What are other church’s programs, ministries, and community support?

We conduct a Daily Vacation Bible School annually, visitation and evangelism twice every month, and crusades.

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