Lebron Escalante

Lebron Escalante

He is currently attending a one-on-one SpEd interventions while waiting for the medical diagnosis and recommendations of a developmental doctor.

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Lebron finished pre-school in a day care center school year 2017-2018. He was referred to a specialized education program to address his learning needs. A Psycho-Educational Assessment was done. Impression and results showed he is eligible to undergo Speech and Occupational Therapies while SpEd interventions on a one-on-one instuctional setting is included.

Lebron is the youngest child of two children. The family lives in a house owned by the sister of his mother. His father works as “bagger/merchandizer” in SM Supermarket under an agency receiving a minimum wage per month. Mother stays at home to take care of the young children.

The earnings of the family are just enought to pay for the basic needs. The special needs of a son in the family is difficult for them to accept and support the therapy and special education tuition fee that Lebron needs as he grows to improve his current developmental delays.

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