Dar Geoffrey D. Ramos

Dar Geoffrey D. Ramos

Based on his medical diagnosis, he has Intellectual Disability, with (unspecified) features of Autism, visual impairment and Behavioral problem.

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Dar Geoffrey is the only child in the family. The parents occupation is just a mere public school teacher and car driver on commission basis which received salaries good enough for daily expenses and payments for their house loan and aside from electric bills, water, cell phone and daily provisions for the family. The family lives a simple life sharing each duties and responsibilities without any hired helper to assist them in their daily chores just to save for the education of their special child.

The family seldom goes to recreational activities and places to be relieved in stressful life. The family goes to church every Sunday to worship and thank God for His blessing and pray for His mercy and guidance for continues health for the members of the family especially their child Geoffrey for the improvement of health status.

Geoffrey is well loved by his parents, despite his condition as Globally Delayed and Intellectually Disabled. He acts late of his age in all his mental, physical, emotional and social aspect of his being. He needs a person or helper to assist him in all his activities particularly in school and at home.

He needs someone to assist him in his toileting, eating, dressing, bathing and other activities. He needs a thorough guidance in his going to and going home from school which, the parents had a hard time in doing so due to time elements of their occupations and nobody can do it for him. On time of his tantrums and uncontrolled emotions his parents hive their most patience but not at all times which they need to discipline him at times.

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